5 Key Elements to Healthy Relationships 

As humans we crave close intimate and caring relationships – we are deeply social creatures. While relationships are essential, not all are equal. Some relationships give us energy and joy while others may drain and deplete us. I believe anyone can have relationships that bring energy and joy, but this rarely happens on its own.  It takes hard work and often involves unlearning old ways of being that can be deeply ingrained. Over the course of this workshop I will share my five key elements of healthy relationships that I’ve found to be most effective when seeking to form deep and lasting connections. Practice makes perfect, so we will engage in fun, interactive exercises designed to get you working on these elements immediately! 

F**k Yes! Consent, Communication, and Negotiation

Effective communication is the foundation of healthy relationships, but all too often is inadequate or lacking. F**k yes! Consent, Communication, and Negotiation explores skills and strategies that enable healthy communication, boundary setting, negotiation, and consent.  The workshop is designed to be interactive and will involve group brainstorming, guided storytelling, and activities to get everyone up and moving to practice consent, boundary setting, and negotiation in a lighthearted and nonsexual manner.

F**k Yes! Consent, Communication, and Negotiation for Kink and BDSM

This workshop builds on F**k Yes! Consent, Communication, and Negotiation with the focus on applying these skills and strategies to Kink and BDSM.  This is an important topic for kink newbies and veterans alike. This workshop is also for those exploring D/s relationships where negotiation and consent is often done early on but renegotiation and effective check-ins are less common.  This can lead to an erosion of boundaries and in some cases unintentional emotional abuse. We will explore ways to maintain personal safety and consent.  We will also discuss strategies for leveraging the greater kink community for mutual support and safety. Kink and BDSM are natural and can often foster incredibly close and connected relationships due to the trust and intimacy required to play safely. Safety, consent, communication, boundaries, and negotiation are critical for fun, safer, risk-aware consensual kink and relationships in general. 

What Makes a Family

When we think of family, often the picture that comes to mind is a dyadic couple with children and extended families connected through marriage or shared bloodlines. This notion of family is one that is reinforced through heteronormativity, mononormativity, and marriage laws. However, studies have shown that the reality of family life is far more diverse and continues to evolve as social attitudes and laws change. 

The aim of this workshop is to explore the ways in which we define family to encompass the vibrancy and diversity of real life without being constrained by antiquated social practices.  We will examine topics including privilege and intersectionality (and how those with more power can protect and uplift those with less) as we learn how the process of queering family can support folks in meeting their needs.  Through this, we’ll examine how we can maintain ethical, healthy, and vibrant families of all kinds. The workshop is designed to be interactive and will involve group brainstorming and personal connection.