Workshops and Podcasts

While the primary focus of the work I do is with individuals, partners, and groups. I also offer workshops and podcasts, as well as an occasional writing.  I find different mediums are great ways to connect with larger groups of people!

I am always happy to connect with folks about co-creating workshops or guesting on podcasts. If my offers sound interesting to you let’s connect! Connect with me here!


I love hosting workshops! It is absolutely one of my passions as they offer participants  and myself a space of connection, growing and learning. There is truly magic that can happen when we explore in community. 

Some of my favorite workshops I have hosted are: 

5 Key Elements to Healthy Relationships. 

As humans we crave close intimate and caring relationships – we are deeply social creatures. While relationships are essential, not all are equal. This workshop explores effective tools when seeking to form deep and lasting connections with fun, interactive exercises!

F**k Yes! Consent, Communication, and Negotiation

Explores skills and strategies that enable healthy communication, boundary setting, negotiation, and consent.

F**k Yes! Consent, Communication, and Negotiation for Kink and BDSM

This workshop builds on F**k Yes! Consent, Communication, and Negotiation with the focus on applying these skills and strategies to Kink and BDSM.

Feeling Through Music 

Feeling Through Music is a music therapy inspired workshop. Where we use a wide array of musical activities as a means to express feelings and emotions. One of our primary activities will be using improvised musical instruments from household items to create sounds and music as way to express our feelings.

Podcast Recordings

I find podcasts are a wonderful way to connect with others, learn new things, and hear new stories! Here you will find podcasts that I have been a guest on. 

Prevent Resist Support Episode 12: BDSM and Consent with Charity Smith 

Prevent Resist Support is a podcast from the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance, and Support at the University of Windsor. In this episode Anne and I deep dive into BDSM 101, consent in Kink and BDSM, red flags, and so much more!

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Occasionally, I write things and put them out into the world. This one is a bit more of a struggle for me as someone living with dyslexia. It takes a community of folks to support my written work so here it is!