All of my counseling services meet you where your at. Each counseling session typically lasts 50 minutes and is provided in a variety of formats:

For anyone living outside of Europe I am able to accommodate requests from international time zones, so please don’t be shy about getting in touch.

I offer a free initial consultation for anyone interested in beginning a therapeutic journey with me. I like to think of my work as forming therapeutic alliances, and I believe it is important for us to get to know one another before committing to working together. You can book an initial session by contacting me directly.


I am a private-pay clinician and am therefore unable to accept health insurance. However, I believe that counseling and mental health support should be accessible to everyone, so to help keep my practice affordable I offer a sliding/ spectrum payment scale. 

For individuals, the sliding/ spectrum fee ranges from 60€ to 100€ per session, with 80€ per session being the median.  I know how much of a stressor finances can be, so we can decide together what level of contribution best suits your unique situation. 

The sliding scale/ spectrum for small group sessions (designed for partners, polycules/clusters, and families of all sorts) ranges from 100€ to 140€ per session, with 120€ per session being the median. Together we decide where on the spectrum you feel comfortable.


Boundaries are important, they teach others how to treat us with the aim of keeping us physically and emotionally safe. Just as you have boundaries, I do as well. I have written a professional boundaries statement that I welcome you to read.Professional Boundaries Statement