Podcasts and workshops help us connect on a bigger and wider scale to support our needs as social creatures for connection, community, and belonging.

Connection provides us a sense of belonging, which in turn can have tremendous impacts on our ability to heal.


I have always believed stories and education can connect us to one another, foster greater sense of belonging, and are tools for helping us make sense of the world. I find podcasts are a wonderful way to connect and I have a great joy in being a guest on aligned podcasts!

podcast speaker sheet providing details for Charity

Downloadable version of my speaker sheet and media kit.


I love hosting workshops! It is absolutely one of my passions as they offer participants  and myself a space of connection, growing and learning. There is truly magic that can happen when we explore in community. 

Some of my favourite workshops I have hosted are:

  • 5 Key Elements to Healthy Relationships 
    • Explores explores effective tools when seeking to form deep and lasting connections with fun, interactive exercises!
  • F**k Yes! Consent, Communication, and Negotiation
    • Skills and strategies that enable healthy communication, boundary setting, negotiation, and consent.
    • F**k Yes! Consent, Communication, and Negotiation for Kink and BDSM
  • Feeling Through Music 
    • Uses a wide array of musical activities as a means to express feelings and emotions. 

I am happy to create custom workshops for various communities both online and in person. You can read more about the topics I work with here.

Are you interested in any of my podcasts and workshops? Let’s get in touch!