Music and Imagery

Music and Imagery (MI) is an adaptation born from The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) which is a music- centered integrative form of psychotherapy. Music is used to facilitate a dynamic exploration of consciousness and inner experiences in support of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of well-being (European association of Music and Imagery, 2022 and Association of Music and Imagery, 2022).

In a Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) session a program of several pieces of music and guiding are used to facilitate the travelers (person/client experiencing GIM) exploration of consciousness and inner experiences, followed by integration. With the whole session lasting approximately two hours.

Where Music and Imagery (MI) provides the traveler with a starting image to explore in a single piece of music with no guiding. As a GIM Trainee Level 1, I use MI to work with the travelers’ supportive resources rather than emphasis on issues and problems to build on inner strengths and resiliency. The supportive resource can be anything that enables the traveler to feel good, nourished, relaxed, soothed, or has other positive impacts. Travelers’ may encounter issues they are struggling with in the imagery, but they may not be the sole focus. This may be a sign of something they are becoming ready to work with it.

GIM is a form of psychotherapy developed by music therapists and is often studied in addition to a music therapy degree. Many years ago I began my undergraduate degree as a music therapy student, however, due to an injury I was no longer able to stay in the program full time. In collaboration with the University of Windsor (Canada) school of music and social work, I was able to take all of the theoretical elements of the music therapy program resulting in having a minor in music therapy to complement my bachelor of social work. It is this unique background that has enabled me to study MI and GIM.

I believe that music is healing (which is also backed up by science) and I am excited to share this form of healing with you! If you are curious and would like to learn more about Music and Imagery or would like to book a session please contact me.