Music and Imagery is adapted from Guided Imagery and Music which is a music centered integrative form of psychotherapy.

I am a certified Level 1 Guided Imagery and Music therapist. Which means I use music to facilitate a dynamic exploration of the unconsciousness and inner experiences in support of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of well-being. Using both music and art, these creative outlets allow us to bring topics from the unconscious into consciousness for processing. 

Music and Imagery, colourful image of a brain

What MI supports:

  • Building confidence and self esteem 
  • Fostering a deeper relationship with oneself and others
  • Naming and processing emotions 
  • Stress and anxiety 

However, sessions are unique here is what you can expect:

A music and imagery mandala with dark colours moving left to right

  • Prelude: firstly, we begin with a gentle check which is an exploration of a resource or topic to take into the musical experience. 
  • Induction: secondly, the use of meditation and relaxation to induce an altered stated before the music starts. 
  • Music: then, one travels with the image into the music. The music is chosen by the guide based on the prelude and the individual’s musical taste. 
  • Mandala: once the music has ended, you are invited to draw a mandala of the imagery. 
  • Postlude: lastly, the experience is explored, internalised, and integrated. 

Furthermore, MI can  is easily integrated into ongoing talk therapy sessions or can be stand alone sessions. I believe in the healing power of music and I am incredibly excited to be able to share this way of healing with you! Curious about MI?