Charity’s Green Flags for Healthy Relationships

At its very basic a relationship is a connection, association, or involvement with another being. All humans need relationships, we crave socialization and connection, it is fundamental for living healthy lives. However, not all relationships are created equal. Some relationships lift us up, help us be better versions of ourselves, and give us energy and vitality. Some relationships create instability, confusion, drain our energy, and our resources.

I created the Green Flags for Healthy Relationships because all too often we hear about the red flags to watch out for, but not very often do we hear about the green flags, the indicators for healthy relationships. I have put together some of my top indicators for healthy relationships based on communication, boundaries, affection, respect, and self- autonomy. These indicators can be applied to any relationship! Be it friends, various forms of family, or sexual and intimate relationships. It’s a wonderful versatile tool!

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Charity Smith Counseling Aims to create a safe(r) sanctuary built on respect, open and honest communication, trust, co-creation, and open-ness that is free of judgment. Counseling is a space for you to express your thoughts and feelings in a safe(r) container where they can be held, seen, and validated. By seeing, holding, and validating thoughts and feelings we can then begin the work of understanding and processing them. All of my work is rooted in principles of trauma informed care, harm reduction, and strengths based therapy.

Counseling is an act of radical self-care!