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Charity’s Green Flags in Healthy Relationships 

We have all heard about red flags in a relationship – the things to watch out for, that should be questioned, or that may become trouble in the future. But not very often do we hear about the green flags, the indicators that guide us towards healthy relationships. Learning to identify and nurture these traits can improve any type of connection – platonic friendships, interactions with colleagues at work, bonds with family members, and especially intimate partnerships all benefit greatly.  I’ve prepared a checklist of five of my top green flags to watch for in relationships to help support you in your journey and personal growth.

Abortion Access in Berlin

Having an unwanted pregnancy can be a very stressful experience, and navigating the legal and medical system in Germany when seeking an abortion can be very daunting.  My aim is to empower individuals and out of that I have created this guide on how to access abortion in Berlin. If you need additional support and guidance through the process, please reach out. 

  • Free PDF Guide to Abortion Access in Berlin