Charity Smith Counseling services are for folks who have felt unseen by other therapeutic professionals.

Hi!  I’m Charity (they/them) the founder of Charity Smith Counseling!

I am a registered Psychologischer Beraterin (Psychological Counselor) with the Verband Freier Psychotherapeuten, Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie und Psychologischer Berater e.V. in Berlin, Germany.  As well as a registered Social Worker in the Province of Ontario, Canada. I hold a bachelor of social work degree and masters of arts, social work as a human rights profession. Every year I engage in professional development and ongoing education. This year I have attained level 1
Guided Imagery and Music Therapist Trainee.

My professional background is in clinical and community social work and human rights, with a decade of experience working in hospitals, residential homes, and community outreach. During that time, I worked with addiction treatment and recovery, supporting victims of human trafficking, and at-risk youth. These days, I’m working to improve mental health care and support services for 2SLGBTQIA+ folks, especially for anyone who has felt unrepresented or unseen in traditional mental health services.  

How I work with folks

All of my counseling services meet you where you’re weaving in different modalities of therapy. Each counseling session typically lasts 50 minutes and at this time only offered online. 

For anyone living outside of Europe I am able to accommodate requests from international time zones, so please don’t be shy about getting in touch.

I offer a free initial consultation for anyone interested in beginning a therapeutic journey with me. You can book an initial session by contacting me directly.


I am a private-pay clinician and am therefore unable to accept health insurance. However, I believe that counseling and mental health support should be accessible to everyone, so to help keep my practice affordable I offer a sliding scale.Together we decide where on the spectrum you feel comfortable.

  • For individuals, the sliding scale ranges from 60€ to 100€ per session, with 80€ per session being the median.
  • For partners, families, clusters the  sliding scale ranges from 100€ to 140€ per session, with 120€ per session being the median. 

Sliding Scale image of three jars are varying levels of fullness


Boundaries are important, they teach others how to treat us with the aim of keeping us physically and emotionally safe. Just as you have boundaries, I do as well. I have written a professional boundaries statement that I welcome you to read. Professional Boundaries Statement